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The advantages of water tube boilers are: High efficiency (generally greater than 85 %) hence reduced fuel consumption. Flexibility of design important space consideration. Capable of high output (i.e. high evaporation rate). High pressures and temperatures improve turbine plant efficiency.

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Water Tube Boiler: Definition Types Advantages ...

Oct 17 2020 · Water Tube Boiler Definition: Water Tube Boiler is the type of boiler in which the water is flowing inside the tube and hot gases which are produced by the combustion chamber have surrounded the tube and the further boiler is used for the generation of electricity. Now the types of water boiler in detail Water Tube Boiler Types: The following water tube boiler are: Benson Boiler

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Water Tube Boiler - Definition Components Working ...

Jan 24 2019 · Working Principle of Water Tube Boiler . The working principle of water tube boiler is thermal siphoning (circulation of natural water). Basically this type of boiler includes two drums namely steam lower or mud drum. The water tube boiler diagram is shown below and these two drums are associated via two tubes such as downcomer and riser. At first the water is supplied into the steam

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